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Application of NLP in Digital Marketing

A few years ago if someone had asked you to look for flights from one city to another the very first thing you would do is to type the same in google to get the details of flight. But this conventional way for looking for information has now changed because of Natural Language Processing or…
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February 7, 2019 0

Step Aside Sales and Marketing

Here comes Data Analytics and Insights! Historically, differentiation as a business strategy has focused on product and market development. Data and analytics have been mere support functions. In the age of digital disruption however, executing a successful data strategy can be a competitive advantage on its own — and that is extremely exciting. With the…
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January 29, 2019 0

Personalised E-Newsletter Marketing

In the Digital Era, companies are looking for an innovative way to engage with customers. The new technologies give us the opportunity to interpret data and factors such as customer history, gender and age, in order to define business strategies and predict the future probabilities of customer behaviours. Customer segmentation and predictive analysis have become…
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January 15, 2019 4

Read Together, Learn Together – Join the Online Book Club

  Have you joined the Online Book Club (LinkedIn Group)? Here’s the link to join! The Online Book Club is starting soon; so I wanted to remind everyone to get the book for January  – it is Stoicism: Introduction to the Good Life. The author states that “if you apply the Stoic principles within this…
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December 23, 2018 0