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Data Eats Strategy for Lunch

Someone mentioned last week that there is no such thing as just a Data Strategy and to some extent that is true. Data Strategy,  in my words,  is the blueprint on how a business uses it’s data as an asset in all aspects of its operations to be able to meet its organizational goals and business…
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January 29, 2019 0

Clear Window Pane

A woman always complained about her neighbour’s wife. She once commented to her husband on the breakfast table to look through the window and see that her neighbour’s wife doesn’t even clean the clothes properly. She said – ” Look, she’s hanging the linen on the wire, see how dirty her washed clothes are even…
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January 8, 2019 0

What makes a great data scientist?

What’s going to turn you from a good data scientist into a great data scientist? It’s not just learning the latest deep learning library. It’s not debating Python vs. R for the nth time. It’s not putting your hat in the ring for the great notebook debate. I’ll give you a hint: take a look…
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January 2, 2019 0