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What I learned from over 100 Data Science Interviews at Amazon

Interviewing is a very subjective process. Each role, candidate, and interviewer is different, and therefore there can’t be a strict set of “rules” that specify how it is best done. This article is purely a set of learnings gained from interviewing many candidates throughout my career to date, including over 100 Data Science & Analytics…
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February 6, 2020 0

Get ready for advanced efficiency in recruitment with NLP!

Get ready for advanced efficiency in recruitment with NLP! In this data-intense world, it is paramount to assess and evaluate data effectively. It is here that the need for Natural Language Processing becomes prominent. Instead of having your employees review tons of data from candidates, you can make the job much simpler and more efficient…
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February 7, 2019 0

Data Science in Sport

Data Science for Sport / Sports Analytics Sports Analytics can vary in terms of maturity, depending on the sport, but using Analytics and Data Science within a Sporting context is a fascinating area, and one which i would suggest still has a long way to go before we exhaust all possible use cases. We can…
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January 16, 2019 0