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Reinforcement Learning in Today’s World

Introduction Reinforcement Learning is said to be the hope of Data science and artificial intelligence. And it is rightly said so, because the potential that Reinforcement Learning possesses is immense.Reinforcement Learning is growing rapidly, producing wide variety of learning algorithms for different applications. What is Reinforcement Learning? Reinforcement learning is the training of machine learning…
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July 25, 2019 0

Security, Humans and Innovation Limitations

There are a few things worth noting, at a first sight: The security breaches Humans are involved Innovation is kinda off limits The security: The security of deep learning is clumsy and in a way it is its own paradox: how do you learn everything and at the same time protect yourself from learning. There…
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January 19, 2019 0

Data Science in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This post goes over how Data Science is helping big Pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions by analysing the historical data they have to make predictive models. To understand the pain point that predictive modelling addresses in the pharma industry, let us go over some numbers: It takes approximately 8 years for a new drug to…
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January 17, 2019 0