Story by Data Volunteers

Our Awesome Team

These amazing individuals have agreed to dedicate a portion of their valuable time to support Story by Data initiatives, such as Humans of Data Science, and DATAcated Challenge, and the DATAcated Academy.

Graduate student in Global Marketing Management venturing into Marketing and Data Analytics. Possess excellent communication, problem-solving and teamwork abilities. Strong technical skills in data analysis using R, Python, Power BI and Excel. Adept with Marketing Analytics, Statistics and Analytical skills.

Shimony Agrawal
DATAcated Academy

Data Scientist by profession and artist by heart. Loves to solve business problems by digging into data. Works with executive’s to support and define new ways to use data science in manufacturing and e-commerce domain. 

Purva Pujari
Humans of data science

Analytics professional with 15+ years of experience partnering cross functionally on initiatives supporting executive strategic and custom-designed analytics. Passionate about finding and solving complex problems and transforming data into actionable insights.

Tripp Parker
Community engagement

She helps businesses create the future and parents train their kids for it. She loves helping people understand technology and how to use it to their advantage. When she isn’t working she’s either improving her skills, reading a new book, contemplating a plot for her own speculative fiction novel, or dreaming up new business ideas.

Christina Bernard
Humans of data science

Highly motivated Problem Solver with 3 years of work experience in the industry and a Masters in Business Analytics. Skilled in business intelligence and data analysis; helping organizations make quick decisions by deriving more value out of their data.

Mayank Gondnale
Datacated challenge

Currently pursuing Masters of Global Marketing Management which has helped me explore the role of Data Analysis in Marketing. It has enhanced my technical, statistical, negotiation and research skills.

Shreya Jain
Story by data