DATAcated Academy

Data visualization courses (product-agnostic); learn to design effective data visualizations

LinkedIn Live Events

Schedule of upcoming LinkedIn live events featuring data science rockstars

DATAcated Conference

DATAcated Expo; free to attend and brings together thousands of data community members

DATAcated Products

Merch store including fun DATAcated designs on t-shirts, caps, hoodies, mugs, children’s clothing, calendars, etc.

DATAcated On Air

DATAcated On Air podcast that features interviews with data professionals.

DATAcated Chart Selector Guide

In-depth guide on selecting the right chart or graph for your data story

Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn brand awareness support for companies focused on AI, machine learning, and data science

Blog Posts

Articles on various topics in data science, analytics, machine learning, and AI

Freelancers (Consulting / Training)

Matching individuals skilled in various aspects of data analytics with companies looking to hire some help

DATAcated Partners

Check out some of the partners that DATAcated is working with – including some great course providers.